Innovation Pitchfest August 2016

Another Great Innovation Pitchfest is complete!! Please click here to see all the pictures or scroll down for a snapshot.

Congratulations to our Winners:


Winners of IP 2016 - Yes 1st Place Winner Caroline is on facetime on the bus to the airport!! (l to r) Nancy Georges, Dannielle - B.Box for Kids, Billy Tucker - Locked Bag, Jayde Leader - Little Paper Lane, IPAD: Caroline, Mutating Creatures, Toni Wade - Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Tara Dennis, Katherine Schmitt - Reed Exhibitions, Cristian Costoiu - Tchibo Germany

1st : Caroline & Michel from Mutating Creatures for the Coffee Thumb

2nd: Billy Tucker for Locked Bag

3rd: Dannielle Michaels from B.Box for Kids for her great products


Congratulations to our entire Top 20, this competition was bar FAR the hardest to judge of the past 4 events:


  • The Fat Cowboy Pant Stool                                         Mutating Creatures
  • Encino Pendant Light                                                   Mutating Creatures
  • Coin-Pen Holder                                                            3D Dream Factory Pty Ltd
  • Mighty Good Undies                                                     Mighty Good Undies
  • FernPanelTM                                                                 Stem & Stamen
  • Macrame Knot Cushion                                               Hang It Designs
  • Vitabug Snack Crickets                                                Edible bug shop
  • PUMP Phone Charger                                                  Smartphone Trends
  • Wooden Yoga Blocks                                                    Hindsight Wood
  • Make Your Own Lip Balm Kit                                    Huckleberry
  • Collection of Nursery and Pram Accessories          Bambella Designs
  • Mushroom Nightlights                                                Little Belle Australia
  • Coffee Thumb - Eco Coffee Holders                         Mutating Creatures
  • GOQI Wireless Charging Wallets                              C-Corp International Co Ltd
  • Education on a Plate                                                    Education on a Plate
  • Cablestop                                                                        D2 design
  • Waste no eye drops' TM.
  • Marshmallow Fondant                                         Australian Marshmallow Fondant


A HUGE thank you to our Sponsors:


(l to r) Lauren - Intuit Quickbooks, Sally - Reed Exhibitions, Tara Dennis, Nancy Georges, Cristian - Tchibo, Katherine - Life InStyle, Jayde - Little Paper Lane, Toni - Hong Kong Trade Development Council




An enormous THANK YOU to our Judges with a special shout out to Tara Dennis, who amongst her TV, media & design commitments has opened her first store and still made time for our competition!


  1. Cristian Costoiu, Creative Sourcing & Co-operation Manager, Tchibo
  2. Tara Dennis, Designer & TV Presenter
  3. Nancy Georges, Magnolia Solutions, The Retail Miss Fix-it
  4. Jayde Leeder, Little Paper Lane Retailer
  5. Toni Wade, Marketing Manager HKTDC
  6. Katherine Schmitt, Event Manager Reed Exhibitions