We are thrilled to be showcasing 35 of our Top 20 team's products at InnoDesignTech Expo in Hong Kong 1 - 3 December.  Find out more about the Expo here.

We will be exhibiting in the Global Innovation area: Booth: 3D-A06.

This is the first time that IP has exhibited at a trade fair as a group, moving beyond the competition and supporting designers on their commercial journey.

Thank you to HKTDC, Hong Kong Trade Development Council, for giving us the opportunity to exhibit our products at a key event in Asia and give us global exposure!

These are the Australian Brands we will be showcasing:

Coin-Pen Holder                                               3D Dream Factory Pty Ltd

Baby Inkless Print Kit                                     Baby Made (formerly Belly Art)

Padpod                                                                 Padpod

Hugglo                                                                  Delight Decor

Adoorabear                                                         Adoorable Toy Company

PUMP Phone Charger                                     Smartphone Trends

Hope in a Box                                                     Short Story

31 Day Happy Pills                                            Short Story

Play Pouch Original, Play Pouch Printed, Mini & Aqua Pouch                        Pouch Australia

One Two Tree Christmas Tree                     One Two Tree

One bottle opener series                                Tactica

Talon pocket multi-tool                                  Tactica

Designer Dog Cushions                                  Dog Gone Design

Hanging Gardens                                             Little Urban Farmers

Aran Blocks                                                        Aran Blocks

Make Your Own Lip Balm Kit                     Huckleberry

Escargot Swimwear                                        Escargot

Escargot Milk Cotton Baby Suit                 Escargot

Macrame Knot Cushion                                Hang It Designs

CLIP                                                                      Bendo

Minnow Designs Beach Booties                 Minnow Designs

GOQI wireless charging wallets                 C-Corp International Co Ltd

Pram Liner                                                         Bambella Designs

Play Mat                                                               Bambella Designs

Privacy Curtain                                                 Bambella Designs

Trolley Liner                                                      Bambella Designs

Cablestop                                                             D2 design

Coffee Thumb - Eco Coffee Holders          Mutating Creatures

tracTAG                                                                Intrepid TAG Solutions


click on an image below to open the gallery:

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